Below you’ll find a booklet and a series of led sits around the theme of the Brahmaviharas and the Bodhicitta Practice. Tejananda and I have edited the talks from an Awakening Heart Retreat we ran together last year and have attached the led sits from the Retreat. We hope you enjoy it and find it helpful.

For the Booklet click here: Awakening Heart March 2020

To Download the Booklet and Meditations click here:  Awakening Upload 2 (250Mb zip file)

To listen to the led sits on the website click on the start button. (They are slightly in the wrong order so I have edited the listing on the website to reflect the numbering in the booklet, apologies for the confusion!! Love Rijumitra)


1. Introduction and a led Just Sitting – Tejananda


2. Whole Body Awareness Meditation – Tejananda


3. Whole Body Awareness – Rijumitra


4. Led Metta Bhavana – Rijumitra


5. Lying Down Body Awareness – Tejananda


6.  Body, Breath and the Heart – Tejananda


7. Led Karuna Bhavana – Rijumitra


8.The Heart Space and the Heart Wish – Tejananda


9. One Stage Metta Bhavana – Tejananda


10. Led Mudita Bhavana – Rijumitra


11. Led Tonglen Practice – Tejananda


12. Led Uppekha Bhavana Practice – Rijumitra


13. Led Short Tonglen Practice – Tejananda


14. Lying down Hara Breathing Meditation – Tejananda


15. Led Tonglen – Tejananda