Retreat Info

This page will help you to get an idea of what coming on a retreat at Vajraloka is like.

At the beginning of all retreats we offer an in depth practical introduction to the meditation practices, including group discussion. There is also time to get to know the team and other retreatants. Most of the remainder of the retreat is a period of silent practice. Participants are also encouraged to take advantage of the one-to-one practice reviews with experienced team members. For many people, this is one of the most valued elements of Vajraloka retreats.

Formal practice time – including sitting and walking meditation – varies from retreat to retreat. The sample programmes shown here will give you some idea of what to expect. Retreats are an excellent opportunity to develop mindful awareness in all situations.

Most Vajraloka retreats are suitable both for experienced meditators and for those new to meditation but keen to learn in the context of an intense meditation retreat. Introductions to the practices will be given on the retreat and previous experience of Triratna meditation teaching is not necessary. However, please check the different categories of retreat before you book. In addition to our mixed retreats, we also run events for men only.

Sample programmes

Basic programme

Rise 6.30
Meditation 7.00
Breakfast 9.00
Meditation / teaching 10.45
Lunch 1.00
Working meditation 3.00
Meditation / teaching 4.30
Dinner 6.00
Practice reviews
Puja / meditation 8.00

More intense programme

Rise 6.00
Meditation 6.30
Breakfast 8.45
Meditation 10.15
Lunch 1.00
Working meditation 2.30
Meditation / teaching 4.00
Practice Reviews
Dinner 6.00
Puja / meditation 7.45