Vajraloka was started by several members of the Triratna Buddhist Order (formerly known as the Western Buddhist Order) in 1979. The old Welsh stone farm buildings, known as ‘Ty’n-y-ddol’ or ‘the house in the meadow’, which became Vajraloka, were then in a semi-derelict state. Over time, the resident team and helpers gradually converted them all into the comfortable and well-appointed facilities that you will see today. They also carefully landscaped the beautiful gardens in which the buildings are set.

Vajraloka began as a meditation community where guests could simply come and get on with their own meditation practice. It soon became clear that people coming on retreat here had a need for teaching and input on their practice. In response, a teaching team evolved and retreats on particular meditation themes were introduced. Out of their intensive exploration of meditation practice at Vajraloka, team members also started a tradition of ‘outreach’ teaching at Triratna Dharma centres around the world, which continues right up to the present.

The heart of Vajraloka is our Shrine Room which has a special atmosphere built up from all the years of meditation practice that have taken place in it. The accommodation is simple, warm and comfortable; both single and shared rooms are available for guests. In the dining room, our team and guest cooks serve up delicious and nutritious vegan food – we are delighted that Vajraloka is now a fully vegan retreat centre.

Our retreat programme always provides ample opportunities to explore the lovely countryside around the retreat centre. Vajraloka is perched on the side of a beautiful valley overlooking the river Alwen and, with woodland just above us, you will find many varied and excellent walks. From the local hilltops, many of the surrounding mountains of North Wales can be seen – the rolling Berwyn hills to the east, the impressive peaks of Aran Fawddwy and Cadair Idris to the south and the wonderful high mountains of Snowdonia to the west.

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