Supporting Vajraloka with a Legacy

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Over the last 30 years, retreats held at Vajraloka have had a significant and often profound  effect on the lives of countless people.

In order to continue to offer retreats and be of benefit to people, Vajraloka always strives to keep retreat costs as low as possible. However this often means that the center struggles to pay for necessary repairs and development work.

In addition we’d like to give support to those who’d like to come on retreat but are prevented because of financial hardship.

At Vajraloka our vision is:

  • To maintain and develop this beautiful and supportive  environment in which to encounter and practice the Dharma.
  • To give support to those with limited financial means who would like to come on retreat.
  • To provide a rich and inspiring programme of retreats led by experienced and commited Dharma teachers.

We’d like to invite you to share in our work and vision for the future by leaving Vajraloka a gift in your will.

making a will

A will is a way of reflecting on what matters most to you and is the best way to ensure that, after you’ve gone, your possessions go to those causes that you care most about. Even if you can only bequeath a little, this can be very helpful to the future of Vajraloka.

Please consider leaving a gift to Vajraloka in your will and help us to support Dharma practice for many years to come.

legacy donations

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be wealthy to leave a legacy gift in your will. Gifts left as a legacy don’t have to be large amounts, they don’t even have to be money. Whatever you choose to leave, your donation will help us to continue to provide a place for Dharma practice for all, for the future.

At first the whole process can seem quite overwhelming, but putting together a will can be a lot simpler and more straightforward than you might realise. A simple step-by-step guide to writing a will, written by the Triratna Development Team, in pdf format, is available here for you to download and use. Download a useful guide to making a Will or Legacy.

Other useful information on Legacies and Wills can be found on the internet links below.

Triratna website with more information on making a will, a list of Triratna charities and information about the Triratna Development Fund.

Contains a comprehensive and useful guide to making a will.

An online guide to making basic wills which is then checked, for free, by a solicitor.

Has a selection of free, downloadable wills that could be used as a basic template.

Many thanks, your generosity is greatly appreciated!

The Vajraloka team