From Tejananda

I’ve been told that during the discussion after Subhuti’s talk on Triratna day, some people commented that people were being asked not to book for retreats at Vajraloka if they could not participate in the jobs rota. 

It is true that we did put this request on our website. This was at the point around March 2021 when, for the first time in a year, we were about to open again, under very restrictive conditions. We believed at the time that with only eight people per retreat, the necessary sanitisation procedures and other jobs that we depend on retreatants doing could not be covered. 

It was soon evident that this wasn’t the case but, inexcusably, we forgot that this provision was still on our website until a retreatant wrote highlighting it. On reading about this, I immediately removed it from the website. 

I apologise for this oversight and any hurt it might have caused. We welcome people who, for whatever reason, cannot participate in the jobs rota. 

Tejananda and the Vajraloka team