The Awakening Heart and the Divine Abodes: Booklet and led sits – Revised Upload

Below you’ll find a booklet and a series of led sits around the theme of the Brahmaviharas and the Bodhicitta Practice. Tejananda and I have edited the talks from an Awakening Heart Retreat we ran together last year and have attached the led sits from the Retreat. We hope you enjoy it and find it helpful.

For the Booklet click here: Awakening Heart March 2020

To Download the Booklet and Meditations click here:  Awakening Upload 2 (250Mb zip file)

To listen to the led sits on the website click on the start button. (They are slightly in the wrong order so I have edited the listing on the website to reflect the numbering in the booklet, apologies for the confusion!! Love Rijumitra)


1. Introduction and a led Just Sitting – Tejananda


2. Whole Body Awareness Meditation – Tejananda


3. Whole Body Awareness – Rijumitra


4. Led Metta Bhavana – Rijumitra


5. Lying Down Body Awareness – Tejananda


6.  Body, Breath and the Heart – Tejananda


7. Led Karuna Bhavana – Rijumitra


8.The Heart Space and the Heart Wish – Tejananda


9. One Stage Metta Bhavana – Tejananda


10. Led Mudita Bhavana – Rijumitra


11. Led Tonglen Practice – Tejananda


12. Led Uppekha Bhavana Practice – Rijumitra


13. Led Short Tonglen Practice – Tejananda


14. Lying down Hara Breathing Meditation – Tejananda


15. Led Tonglen – Tejananda



Vajraloka’s response to the COVID-19 situation

From the Vajraloka team,
We hope and trust that you are well!
The Vajraloka team has been discussing our response to government advice on containing COVID-19. Our immediate response was to send the retreatants home from the Simply Being retreat which was to have ended tomorrow.
At this stage, we have decided to cancel further retreats for the next two months, up to and including The Radical Embrace. We will monitor the situation and let those booked on subsequent retreats know in good time if it is necessary to cancel subsequent retreats.
If you have booked on a cancelled retreat and you wish to keep your payment to use on the next retreat that you come on here, you are welcome to do so. Naturally, if you’d like a partial or full refund, this is no problem.
We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at Vajraloka again in the future. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions (

Annex Build Completed!

Vajraloka is up and running again after our 3 month shut down to extend our facilities. Here are some photos of the finished project.


Click on ‘Retreats’ to download the fully illustrated version of our 2020 programme. This marks our 40th anniversary, featuring archive photos from the early 80s through to recent times. The printed versions will be going out within a couple of weeks, we hope.

Annex Build update (Week 9)

Here are the latest pictures of our building project








With the main structural work completed, focus has moved inside to the shower/toilet area.











Another project on going at Vajraloka during this time is the replacement of our leaky mains water feed, about 1000m of pipe from the village, under a river, across a field, up a rocky path and eventually arriving at Vajraloka.




Click on “Retreats” to see and book all retreats for 2020 (and the rest of 2019 of course). On that page, you can also download a PDF of the full 2020 programme text – the illustrated brochure will follow towards the end of August.

Annex Build update (Week 5)

The work on our new extension is moving forward, with the structure beginning to appear.


One happy side effect digging out the foundations for the new building is that the removed soil is being used to extend Vajraloka’s car-park. Parking will increase from 12 to 16 or 17 spaces, another much needed improvement to our facilities.

Annex Build update (Week 3)


The annex build here at Vajraloka has gained momentum with an improvement in the weather. The foundations are now in place, ready to start building the walls next week.


As well as more toilet facilities another improvement retreatants at Vajraloka will be pleased to hear about is that we are creating more single rooms by splitting two twin rooms into four singles. Work has started on this too.






Vajraloka Annex build Begins

As some of you may know Vajraloka has started an upgrade to our Annex. This will provide more toilet and shower facilities, which for those of you who have been to Vajraloka will know is much needed.


Here are a couple of photos of the first weeks work, a good start considering rain has stopped work quite a bit. Fingers crossed for better weather.


Vajraloka news Summer 2019

Hi everyone.

Just a short(ish) newsletter to keep you up to speed with Vajraloka world before the centre closes to retreats and begins the new annex project building works.

 Retreat news.

This year’s retreats so far have been a great success and many have been full or nearly full. This has been good for the finances but much, much more importantly good for what we can offer and what many can enjoy. This is the main reason Vajraloka exists, after all.

Our ‘Emptiness and the Heart Sutra’ retreat is currently running and ‘Embodying Love’ begins on 24th May and there are still some places free, I hear. Balajit, who used to live here, and Rijumitra will be leading this retreat, and it’s always a joy see them in action.

By September we hope that the bulk of the annex will be complete, but as with all building projects we can’t be precise. Retreats will nevertheless start up again in early September but the ‘Simply Being’ retreat is full. However, our ‘In the Seen only the Seen’ retreat has spaces and starts on 20th September.

Annexe Project update.

And so onto the annex project. The very capable Jinapalita (who has arrived back to Vajraloka after a long retreat in company of Vessantara and others) will be the guy on the ground overseeing the works. We wish him our support and good wishes in such a task. We will, of course, try to take ‘before’, ‘during’ and ‘after’ pics to share with you all. The very good news is that your generosity has helped us to raise a fund of nearly £90,000 towards the cost. Initially we felt that a target of about £85000 would cover the project. However one of Jinapalita’s reflections whilst on this retreat was the idea of converting rooms B and C into four single rooms. This would be a very wise move at this point, while we are building the annex. With this in mind the Vajraloka team and Trustees have decided to keep the fund raising appeal alive until after the project is complete. We will of course keep you up to date with the progress and hopefully when you visit us next you’ll see the results. There should be quite a few more single rooms, and of course more shower and toilet facilities.

Other news.

Water leaks Vajraloka recently had yet another water leak from the old pipes that are gradually failing. We have therefore decided to get replacement piping which, as it is around a mile to the mains, will we think cost around £7,000 to replace. But it is an essential task and we hope to be getting on with the work during the next two months or so.

 Programme 2020 Most of you will have had an email recently asking whether you want to receive a program brochure by post or would like a PDF version via email. Once collated we will ensure those of you who’d still like the brochure in your hand will receive it and that the PDF is available via email and online. This will save Vajraloka lots of money and will also be better for our environment. We have already received many lovely responses from you. Thanks so much.

Team news. Tejananda is off to lead some retreats in the USA this summer. Prajnapriya is leading a Buddhafield North meditation retreat in June (which I – Padmadasa – am on too). Jinapalita is mainly chilling out at Vajraloka, (well overseeing the Annex Project isn’t really quite as luxurious as chilling!). The rest of the team are having some well-earned break time, and also some Vajraloka at home time.

That’s all for now Folks

Have a great summer and all our love The Vajraloka Team

 Newsletter by Padmadasa