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Local UK Triratna Centres

The Buddhist Centre – the main site for the Triratna Buddhist Community
Birmingham Buddhist Centre
Bristol Buddhist Centre
Blackburn Buddhist Centre
Leeds Buddhist Centre
Liverpool Buddhist Centre
Manchester Buddhist Centre
Sheffield Buddhist Centre
Shrewsbury Buddhist Group

Other UK Retreat Centres providing details for eight UK Buddhist Retreat Centres.
Padmaloka Men’s Retreat Centre (Norfolk)
Dhanakosa Retreat Centre (Highlands of Scotland)
Vajrasana Retreat Centre (Suffolk)
Rivendell Retreat Centre (South East England)
Tiratanaloka Women’s Retreat Centre (Wales)
Taraloka Women’s Retreat Centre (Shropshire)


Triratna News website – the latest news from around the Triratna Buddhist Community
Free Buddhist Audio – over 500 audio talks on Buddhism and meditation
Clear Vision – a Buddhist audio-visual media project
Young People in Triratna –  forum for young people to connect
Wildmind Buddhist meditation – online meditation resource
Journal of Buddhist Ethics – global resources for Buddhist studies
DharmaNet – socially engaged Buddhism resources
Buddhanet – Buddhist info and education network
Access to Insight – readings in Theravada Buddhism

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