Comments Page

We have been running retreats here now for over thirty years. Many people come back year after year.

Below are some examples of the positive feedback we have received in the last few years:

“Difficult to improve on perfection – keep on doing what you’re doing!” Brian H

“Clear, specific, supportive teaching.” John Halsall

“My understanding of Buddhist teaching has greatly advanced. I have learnt a new & valued meditation technique.” Sophie Sansom

“My meditation has developed a lightness and variety.” Steve Johnson

“Five star!” Maurice George

“I appreciated the clear and concise teaching, always understandable and encouraging. The one-on-one contact was incredibly useful and made me much more aware of areas for improvement.” Ben Niblock

“The garden and general upkeep were very beautiful and supportive of mental states.” Karunadaka

“Vajraloka is a wonderful place, thank you once again. I have met some lovely people and will go away ever more inspired to practice the dharma.” James Trott

“Surely not possible to improve!” Alan Jackson

“Excellent facilities, very friendly people & atmosphere and good food.” Roy

“This has been one of the best retreats I’ve had. There have been a number of attitudes & behaviours of mine which the retreat has enabled me to see more clearly.” Jim Pescud

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!” Will Leifer