Vajraloka Retreats

Retreat Title: Exploring the Six Elements Practice **Order Members and TFO Mitras**

Led by Padmasagara and Rijumitra

***This retreat is for Order Members or Mitras Training For Ordination only***

The Six Elements Practice holds a pivotal place in the Triratna System of Meditation. It involves exploring the processes of spiritual death, spiritual rebirth and spiritual receptivity.

The practice progressively reveals the fundamental building blocks of being alive and supports a process of recognition of our inherent interconnection with each of these elements. From there there is then an invitation to let go until we are left with no ground but the fundamental aliveness of life itself.

Padmasagara in his time as a member of the Men’s Ordination Team at Padmaloka was able to explore the practice and introduce others to it in a way that really opens up its significance and profundity.

This retreat is only for Order members and Mitras who are Training for Ordination

Start Date: 2nd Aug 2024
End Date: 9th Aug 2024
Deposit: £100
Price: £441 (Full Price) / £364 (Conc Price)