Vajraloka Retreats

Retreat Title: Simply Being - Online Retreat

Led by Tejananda

In essence, ‘simply being’ evokes effortlessly resting in the flow of embodied presence. Presence is this ‘timeless moment’, where there is no observer nor observed, no subject nor object. It is undivided wholeness and is always, unconditionally ‘here’. Yet, we remain ignorant of it owing to the deep conditioning of our self-narratives. Nevertheless, it is what we are and we can never depart from it.

Presence is ungraspable by the abstractions of the mind. It is not any-thing, so it can only be evoked by terms like ‘suchness’, ‘just this’ or ‘no-mind’. It knows itself directly as being completely open, spontaneously self-illuminating, energetically alive and intimately, compassionately ‘here’, as all experience. These are all qualities of the five wisdoms (jñāna – undivided knowing) which we’ll explore, along with the Buddhas who imaginally embody them.

Discovering and resting here-now in presence, there is a lightness of touch and being. Our self-stories, conditionings and painful emotions begin to lose traction and can increasingly be seen and known directly as like phantoms, illusions or dreams – without any true substance. With this, we enter into the wholeness which is our birthright.

This retreat will run from 09.30 (UK) on the first day, to 20.15 (UK) on the final day.

This retreat is suitable for people who have been meditating for at least 3 years

Start Date: 11th Mar 2023
End Date: 17th Mar 2023

Please note: This retreat is on a dana basis. No payment is needed to book.