Vajraloka Retreats

Retreat Title: Entering the Mandala of Awakening: The Four Great Stages of the Path (Order retreat)

Led by Prakasha and Tejananda

This 20 day residential Order retreat follows from last year’s online retreat on this theme, introducing the four principal stages of the spiritual path. These stages are, firstly, the contemplation of the three lakshanas; secondly, entry into the three liberations; thirdly, the exploration of the perceptual situation, and fourthly, entry into the Mandala of Awakening. Through this approach we aim to offer a deeper understanding of the four levels of Sunyata that Sangharakshita introduced.

Prakasha will give a series of presentations that clarify the stages of the Path leading to Awakening, with particular emphasis this year on the ten fetters. Tejananda will introduce a parallel series of integrated, somatic and meditative inquiry-based approaches to calm and insight based on the principles of the Triratna system of practice.

The retreat will mostly be in silence with meditation reviews, pujas and ritual.

*Based on a special reduced rate of £45/40 per night for this retreat only.

Note: We are considering offering a parallel ‘semi-online’ retreat over the same period, using the recordings, which will be uploaded straight after each session, the opportunity to send questions for Prakasha and Tejananda to respond to, and the option of practice reviews with some of our regular team support members. If this goes ahead, it will be confirmed on our website and the Vajraloka Facebook group at least 2 months before the residential retreat.

This retreat is for members of the Triratna Buddhist Order only

Start Date: 7th Oct 2022
End Date: 27th Oct 2022
Deposit: £70
Price: £900 (Full Price) / £800 (Conc Price)