Vajraloka Retreats

Retreat Title: In the seen - only the seen

Led by Rijumitra

The wanderer Bahiya was the recipient of one of the Buddha's most well-known and direct teachings: 'Bahiya, train yourself like this - In the seen, there will be only the seen, in the heard, only the heard, in the sensed, only the sensed and in the cognised, only the cognised'.
Upon hearing this, Bahiya woke up fully, becoming an arahant right on the spot. How did these words lead to Bahiya's immediate awakening? And how could we possibly put this teaching into practice ourselves?
During this retreat we will be following in Bahiya's footsteps. By way of meditation, reflection and dialogue, we'll see just what prepared Bahiya to really hear the Buddha's teaching and - most important - what we can bring from this to our own practice. From this could emerge the clarity of mind and heart that allows us to engage with the radical truth of the emptiness of things, so that we too may see what Bahiya saw.

This retreat is suitable for people who have been meditating for at least 3 years

Start Date: 20th Sep 2019
End Date: 29th Sep 2019
Deposit: £70
Price: £405 (Full Price) / £369 (Conc Price)