Vajraloka Retreats

Retreat Title: Total Immersion

Led by Tejananda and the Vajraloka team

With total immersion in awareness of all our activities, on this 3 week retreat we will foster the trainings of ethics, meditation and wisdom. Ethical sensitivity and kindness in our relations with the community of practitioners on the retreat, and to our whole environment; meditation in and out of the shrine room – meditation as life. And wisdom in the orientations to spiritual death – seeing into the way things really are – which we will introduce as the retreat goes on.

As on all Vajraloka retreats, we’ll be spending most of the time in silence, which supports the inner stillness and the deepening of our practice. At the same time, there will be a variety of appropriate input from the team (as well input-free periods to pursue our own practice direction), group sessions and, of course, one to one reviews, ensuring that the retreat unfolds in a way that is appropriate to each individual’s particular needs and directions.

The cost of this retreat is based on a special reduced nightly rate of £35 full, £32 concession

This retreat is suitable for people who have been meditating for at least 3 years

Start Date: 9th Nov 2018
End Date: 29th Nov 2018
Deposit: £70
Price: £700 (Full Price) / £640 (Conc Price)