Vajraloka Retreats

Retreat Title: Reflection - illuminating the three wisdoms

Led by Ratnaguna

‘Information is endlessly available to us: where shall Wisdom be found?’ 
- Harold Bloom

The Three Wisdoms – wisdom through hearing, through reflecting, and through meditating – can be seen either as a progressive sequence or as three different gateways to wisdom. Seen as a sequence, we move from an initial understanding to what the Buddha called a reflective acceptance of a teaching, and from there to a transformative insight into that teaching. Seen as 'gateways', transformative insight can arise through learning from a wise person, through reflecting deeply, or through meditating.

On this retreat Ratnaguna will guide us in practices that will enable us to explore all three wisdoms experientially. 

This retreat is suitable for people who have been meditating for at least 3 years

Start Date: 6th Jul 2018
End Date: 13th Jul 2018
Deposit: £70
Price: £280 (Full Price) / £252 (Conc Price)