Vajraloka Retreats

Retreat Title: Embodying Love

Led by Led by Rijumitra and Balajit

Metta is such a vital, indispensable quality of our humanity – an openness to and love of life in all its forms, which spontaneously manifests as compassion and joy.
Yet, oddly, metta bhavana can sometimes seem to end up being a very ‘heady’ and dry meditation, even if, as well as the traditional phrases, we use ‘imaginative techniques’. Maybe especially so, as images are still essentially concepts. Many of us would benefit from giving our metta practice fresh inspiration or even a complete reboot – but how?
What we’re going to be offering on this retreat is an opening to metta as a quality of our body, heart and being – literally embodying love. Becoming and being truly embodied is not just a preliminary practice, but integral to the whole path, including cultivating metta. We’ll not only work with the body, but explore more playful and flexible approaches to metta outside of the five-stage approach.

This retreat is suitable for people who have been meditating for at least 3 years

Start Date: 10th Mar 2017
End Date: 17th Mar 2017
Deposit: £70
Price: £280 (Full Price) / £252 (Conc Price)