Please read all this information carefully.

All of our retreats for 2022 are now on this website and available for booking. Under current Welsh Government regulations, we could have the full number of retreat places occupied, however, until the end of April we are limiting it to 15. This means 11 single rooms and 2 large dorms which will be shared by two people. From May we plan to do away with the limit on bookings and return to having 21 places. Clearly if things change we will let people know as soon as possible of any changes.

Please book as normal, paying a deposit or full amount and we will put up a ‘retreat nearly full’ or ‘retreat full’ notice when we’re reaching the number of bookings that we can currently allow. If the retreat you’d like to attend is down as full, please write to stating that you’d like to be put on the waiting list, as there is a reasonable chance that the first few on the waiting list will be offered a place. 

Tejananda and the Vajraloka team

Vajraloka Covid Procedures

Please read all the information carefully.

  • There is always going to be a level of covid-19 risk when mixing with others, so the first thing is to check if you feel able and ready to come on retreat, bearing in mind the well-being of yourself and others.

Before arriving:

  • Please take a lateral flow test before leaving on the day you travel to Vajraloka and bring another with you to use on the second day of the retreat. If the first test is positive, do not travel but let us know you are unable to attend, remain at home and follow government regulations regarding self-isolation.

Travelling by public transport:

  • If you are planning to come by public transport please arrange for someone to pick you up should you become ill with Covid. We will be reviewing this policy and hopefully will be able to drop it as things improve with Covid cases
  • Ventilation: Good ventilation has been shown to be very important in minimising the risk of covid-19 transmission. Therefore, please bring plenty of warm layers with you as the windows will be open even if the temperatures are cool outside.
  • Social Distancing: We will be following any social distancing guidelines that may be in place at the time of your retreat and will inform you of them on arrival. 
  • Hand washing/sanitising: You will need to wash or sanitise your hands regularly throughout the day especially before making drinks and serving food. Hand sanitisers are placed throughout the retreat centre.
  • Face coverings are no longer mandatory in retreat centres. However, we recommend that people wear them when moving around indoors in the retreat centre until everyone takes the lateral flow test on the second full day of the retreat.
  • Please bring several face-coverings with you and hand sanitiser for your own use.

What if I become ill with covid-19 symptoms on retreat?

  • If you develop any covid-19 symptoms you must let the retreat team know immediately, take a lateral flow test and self-isolate in your room. We may ask you to return home.

Government guidance changes, so we will be regularly updating this page. Precautions may be different to what is described here by the time your retreat comes around.