We’ve been reviewing the Welsh government lockdown regulations and, in the light of the situation as it stands right now, we have decided to make residential retreats at Vajraloka open to bookings from July. As everyone will be aware, the current situation regarding lockdown is extremely volatile – just as the Buddha taught, nothing conditioned can be depended upon. So we are necessarily opening these bookings with several provisos.

Given statements from the UK government, we are assuming for now that ‘all restrictions’ will end on 21st June. So, we will be taking up to 21 bookings for any given retreat – this is our full residential retreat capacity. If it proves that we still have to ‘socially distance’ after all, we may only be able to have six to ten people here. Places will then be offered in the date order that the bookings were placed.

The team has also been discussing the issue of mask-wearing. Our overall conclusion is that compulsory wearing of masks in the shrine room would be detrimental to communication in teaching and workshop situations, as well as with activities such as chanting. Also, for some there are potential health issues in mask wearing, while others find it uncomfortable and distracting. So we will need to review the situation if this does not cease to be a requirement.

Needless to say, all recommended hygiene measures will be in place.

Because of the ‘unknowns’, we are not asking for payment of any deposits.  However, we’d ask you to give your booking the same consideration that you would if you were actually paying a non-returnable deposit – in other words, please be as sure as you reasonably can that you will take up the retreat space for which you are booking.

We would also suggest that you don’t buy any travel tickets etc. until we confirm that the residential retreat is going ahead. We will email you a minimum of 4 weeks before the date the retreat starts to clarify whether the residential retreat is going ahead and to request payment.

Please note: Because of the way our website is set up, the following appears on each retreat page “This retreat is on a dana basis. No payment is needed to book.” However this applies only to online versions. If the retreat is residential, the full and concessionary rates are as stated.